I first went to Scott when I was 14 years old with aspirations of playing golf in college. With no previous experience with lessons, I had always been a fairly solid player in the local area. However, when I started competing at higher level junior tournaments, I realized I needed some help to be more competitive and play well enough to reach my goals. Therefore, I went to Scott to seek some help. It turned out that after analyzing my first swing video at my first lesson, there were many issues that needed fixed. Scott’s relaxed style of teaching made it very simple for me to retain what he was teaching and work on fixing some errors. He used the strengths that I possessed to help develop my weaknesses, rather than trying to start from scratch and make me swing the club perfectly or robotically. The results of our work together were evident quickly, as I became a better player with more essential knowledge throughout each lesson. Currently, I compete at the collegiate level and I credit so much of the success I have relished thus far in my career to Scott, who is more than my instructor, but a great friend as well since working with him. Whether you are a junior player, a weekend warrior, or a scratch handicap, Scott will teach you the skills you need to find your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

Matt Barto, Leechburg, PA


I decided I was either going to get better at the game or I was going to quit golf forever. Enter Scott Koontz, in my opinion the best golf instructor around. From my very first lesson I felt comfortable around Scott no matter how badly I hit the ball! As we all know much of golf is a “head game” so it is important to work with an instructor who shows you your problems but doesn’t intimidate or make you feel like the worst golfer ever. Scott is a great confidence builder. Thanks to Scott my game continues to improve and I now really enjoy rather than dread a round of golf.
Sherry Ehrlich Oakmont, PA


Long time student of Scott Koontz. Scott is a very knowledgeable patient PGA Professional. Also good with small children.
Don Pittsburgh, PA


I had never played golf until I met Scott and began taking lessons from him. He built my confidence and aided me in selecting the proper set of clubs to improve my game. My goal was to play a creditable game with my husband, which I certainly can. This year I plan to further improve my game under Scott’s tutelage. He is an extremely knowledgeable and professional teacher.
R. Beatty Monroeville PA


I had played golf many years ago, and had taken a hiatus. I came back to the game with retirement. After a year or so, I decided to buy new clubs. When I went for fitting, it was suggested I take a couple lessons. This is when I met Scott. My wife and I have taken several lessons from Scott. Not only has he improved my game significantly, he started my wife off on the right foot, and she’s now a really good player. Scott is very patient, has the right communication skills to get the points across, and is genuinely a nice person. Your time and effort with Scott will be well spent.
Maurice Allsopp Oakmont, PA


I hadn't golfed for years and wanted to get back into the game. I knew that there were several problems with my swing, so I decided to take lessons.
I was nervous about my first golf lesson until I met Scott. His approach put me at ease instantly. Scott's positive method of teaching allows me to understand what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. I hit the ball much better than I ever imagined I could thanks to Scott.  I have a long way to go ( and a lot of practice ) before I'm a good golfer, but I now have fun golfing.
Tim P., Leechburg


Not only did Scott eliminate my slice, I understand what I did wrong, when I do hit a bad shot. Thanks Scott
Matt W., Freeport


“Scott’s video analysis and one-on-one instruction has made a world of difference in my golf swing. I wish I had start taking lessons from Scott years ago!”
John, Pittsburgh


I started taking golf lessons from Scott last spring. I had seen improvement in my from the 1st time out on the course. What separated Scott from other instructors, was his ability to work with me and correct my swing without starting from the square one as happen with a previous instructor who started with the grip, it was 3 lessons before I even hit a golf ball which works fine for someone new to the game. Scott provided me ” swing thoughts” that could be used at the practice range and on the course. I have signed for lessons this spring and I long forward to working with Scott and continuing my game improvement.
John G.


….” Scott is a terrific instructor and I have referred several of my friends to Scott. He is knowledgeable and has worked hard with me to improve my game. He has a wonderful, positive attitude . I am lucky to have discovered Scott at the Willows.”

Joe Huber, Harrison City


I am a self taught golfer that never had taken a lesson. I had heard all the horror stories about the golf pro changing you entire swing so I was just truly afraid to take a lesson. My handicap was always around a 12 to 14. However a couple years ago I was really struggling and had my handicap over a 15 and was just not enjoying playing golf. Well someone recommended Scott, so with some hesitation I took3 lessons from Scott. Wow what a difference, he showed me some errors in my swing focused on what I was doing correctly. He did not try to change everything but worked on what was wrong and causing my problems. Last year I got my handicap into single digits for the first timeat just under 9. I also would like to recommend Scott’s spring lesson plan where you go to the range for several weeks with a group of 4 to 6 people. You get some individual attention and you do not waste time at the range working on bad habits but rather Scott gets in on track for the beginning of the season. I would recommend Scott to any golfer
Keith, Cranberry Twp, PA


Scott’s lessons were the first private lessons I ever had. He was very patient and his advice was on target. He didn’t give you a bunch of things at one time to work on; however, he would point out a couple of improvements and give you time to adjust on your own. Guiding your hand only when necessary.
Cindy C.


Scott Koontz has a talent for working with Jr. golfers. My son has been taking lessons from Scott for the past two years and his game has markedly improved. Scott brings a gentle touch as well as a great understanding of the game to the world of Jr. golf instruction. He is creative, understanding, and he cares. Kids like Scott and he knows how to move them along at the right pace. They are not overwhelmed with too many swing thoughts or too many ideas. His approach really works for Juniors because it is “one step at a time.” Scott really is in that upper echelon of Jr. golf instructors in the greater Pgh. Area. If you are considering an instructor for your son or daughter I would highly recommend you give Scott a call.
Eric Taylor, Father of a Jr. Golfer

I’m so pleased to have been referred to Scott Koontz. He’s a perfect teacher. He involved me in assessing my swing (via video) and then tailored a few practical suggestions to help me improve. How unlike so many other golf teachers who desire to have every student look like Tiger Woods!! His patience and encouragement are great motivators, and I’m happy to have Scott available to help me on a continuing basis.
Barbara, Apollo, PA
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