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SCOTT’S FITTING BELIEF Club Fitting by Scott Koontz

Static vs. Dynamic Fitting Session:

Scott uses a combination of static and dynamic measurements to get the most information per individual. The static fit measures length of tallest knuckle to floor, height, grip size and answers to a number of questions regarding the student’s typical shots. These results create a starting point to begin the dynamic fit session. The dynamic fit measurements are club length utilizing impact face tape to insure centeredness of contact. Lie board measurements for correct lie angle at impact. Clubhead speed monitor for correct shaft flex. A visual analysis is used to see the best trajectory and most consistent flight pattern.



~Why should I get custom fit for golf equipment?
Everyone has their own unique swing and physical attributes as well as limitations. Tailoring your golf equipment to match your swing tendencies helps to maximize your strengths and lessen your weaknesses. Better and more consistent shots are the result!

~What is the difference between a custom fit set of clubs and “off the rack” clubs?
Custom fit clubs are specifically tailored to your swing characteristics and make your swing more consistent. Off the rack clubs are typically standard in length and lie angle and fit a wider range of player, not necessarily you.


~Are custom fit clubs more expensive?
No! In the past, custom fit clubs were more expensive and took longer to get, sometimes well over a month. Most companies offer a wide range of fitting options at the standard price. Some shaft choices, however, may incur an up charge.


~Can you compete price wise with the “Big Guys” (Big retail stores)?
Absolutely! The perception is you can always get clubs cheaper at these stores. When it comes to custom fit clubs, the small guy can compete. The biggest difference in most instances, certainly in Scott’s case, is the individual attention given. If you are a student of Scott’s, or plan on being a student, who better to help you with the correct club selection and proper fit than the person you trust to help make your game better. Scott’s knowledge of the teaching end of the business and how it relates to proper club fitting is a good combination to help ensure you get what is best for your game.


~How long will I have to wait to get my new clubs?
Scott is a fitting account with most major manufacturers which gives him priority shipping. Most clubs are available in 10 days or less.


~What should I expect from the fitting session?
A certified fitting professional will check your current equipment and then take a number of static and dynamic swing measurements such as grip size, club head speed, club length, shaft flex and lie angle before recommending a particular club head and shaft combination best suited for you swing.


~What is the difference between a “static fit” vs. a “dynamic fit”?
A static fit measures is performed prior to hitting balls such as knuckle length to floor, height, grip size, etc. A dynamic fit measures in swing characteristics such as club head speed, lie angle, shaft flex, shaft length, shaft type, shot trajectory and distance.


~I have heard of “enhanced” fit and “compensated” fit, what is the difference?
Both of these fits use static and dynamic measurements, but an enhanced fit takes into account you are taking, or plan to take lessons in the near future, and a compensation fit goes off the premise that you have no plans on taking lessons, and you are fitted for your swing compensations. Knowing which of the two categories you fall into, in most instances, will effect mostly what lie angle and shaft type and flex you will be fit for.


~I’m currently taking lessons. Should I wait to purchase my new clubs?
As both a teacher and certified fitting professional, I always fit your clubs to where your swing is going with the instruction rather than the swing you currently have. They are also fit so that minor adjustments down the road to lie angle can be made if necessary. Properly fit clubs will encourage you to stick with the new swing concepts rather than revert back to your old swing.


~I need more distance. Will graphite shafts help me out?
Probably! Graphite shafts can weight 30-50% less than the steel version, although today’s technology has found a way to make a very lightweight steel shaft. This reduction in weight increases swing speed which equates to more distance. In the past, graphite typically did not give the player as much control, however, the new technology has improved so much that almost all PGA Tour players have graphite at least in their drivers. Graphite is more expensive than steel, therefore it is not as popular in irons as woods.


~What head, shaft and grip options are available?
Most manufacturers offer a full range of club head types, shaft and grip options in different price ranges designed specifically for the high, mid and low handicap golfer. Scott’s expertise will help determine what is best for your game!


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